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Why can't I change the type of a task?


A task type is a special concept that governs who qualifies to be assigned that task as well how it behaves in the system.

Special types

When creating a turn, both a clean and inspection are typically created.  The inspection, however, is linked to the clean to ensure that it is done properly.  Having a cleaning task then changed to a generic task (or inspection) on accident, would cause undesirable behavior in the product.

Assigned roles

In addition, only cleaners can be assigned to cleans, only inspectors can be assigned to inspections, etc.  If you were to change the task type, you would potentially have to reassign to another individual.

These are just a few examples of why we do not allow for the redefinition of a task type.  If you find it absolutely necessary to change a task type, we recommend removing remove any work items, cancel the task and create a new one.

Last modified 11/12/2020