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Can I add recurring tasks?


There is no ability to pre-schedule a task to recur each week or month for an individual however, you can setup recurring expectations. For example: you want the cleaner to check for all the key cards prior to leaving the unit and every clean.


  1. In Ops, go to the unit in question (via search or the settings screen)
  2. Scroll to expectations
  3. Click "Add Expectation"


You can make the expectation generic or specific to a role (for example only for cleans).  


High Priority

If you make the expectation high priority the assigned user must confirm by checking the item off before they can complete the clean.  This should be used when you want to proactively highlight your expectations.


Not High Priority

If you uncheck high priority it sill show up in the expectations list further down the Field App as a reference.  Think of this as a reference, not a requirement - for example, the size of the air filter.

Last modified 11/12/2020