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What do the status indicator letters mean in the task lists?


You may notice several large capital letters in the task lists throughout Kigo. These letter codes are there to help you quickly scan the list to get a general sense of what you need to pay attention to.

The letter codes represent the following:

  •  P - Pending: Tasks which have not been started and are not waiting on any other task to be completed will show this status.
  • W - Waiting: Tasks which have not been started but rely on some other task to be completed before it can be started will show this status (e.g. an Inspection cannot be started until the related Clean has been completed).
  • RA - Requires Acceptance: A manager has indicated that this task must be accepted or declined by the crew member that it is assigned to (and it has not yet been accepted or declined by the crew member; see Accepted and Declined below).
  • A - Accepted: Some tasks can be marked as "Requires Acceptance" by the manager. If the individual who is assigned a task accepts the task, it will go into W - Waiting if it's an Inspection or P - Pending if it's a clean.
  • D - Declined: If the individual who is assigned a task declines the task, the task will be unassigned and the manager will need to reassign the task.
  • I - In Progress: Task has been started by the crew member and is currently in progress.
  • C - Completed: Task has been finished by the crew member.
  • X - Cancelled: A Manager has cancelled the task.
  • NC - Not Completed: The inspector can set a task as Not Completed if the preceding task is marked as a "Fail".
  • U - Unknown: The default status if we are not able to determine the status of the task. Only included for completeness. You should rarely, if ever, see this status indicator.
Last modified 6/3/2019
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