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Can I change multiple tasks at one time?


Yes - You can do this from the tasks page in ops if you are an ops manager or administrator. 

When on the tasks page you will see a dropdown list as well as a button labeled Update. Select the tasks you wish to update using the below steps: 

  • Cancel - this will cancel all tasks selected
  • Complete - this will complete all tasks selected
  • Bump to Today - this will move a task from a previous day to be due today (helpful for work that was unable to be completed from the previous days’ tasks)
  • Bump to Tomorrow - this will move a task to be due tomorrow but will not change when it was scheduled (helpful if there are too many tasks to complete during current work day)
  • Bump Prior to Check In - if someone is checking in early but the work was previously set to be done later than the early arrival check-in time, this will help to solve the collision.
  • Reschedule to Next Day - takes the relative date it is due and makes it due the next day (if it was due on Monday at 2PM it will now be due on Tuesday at 2PM).
  • Mark as Not Collision - if there is a collision (a guest is in the unit at the time when work is scheduled) and that is appropriate (such as a plumbing issue that must be addressed immediately) use this option to clear them off your dashboard.
Last modified 11/12/2020