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NEW! All Reservations page


We are proud to introduce you to your new "all reservations page" as part of our continued efforts to facilitate your daily management. 

This page shows all the reservations you have to manage. 

Continue reading to find out more details on the page's functionality.

Page functionality


You can show or hide the filters, which are displayed in a grey row. 

There is a set of filters displayed by default and more filters can be shown to be used by clicking "More filters". The additional filter displayed is:

  • Contract status

Reservations list

The reservations are shown in a list.


Some of the columns can be sorted by when clicking on the dash/arrow up/arrow down symbol next to the column name: Booked on, Check-in, Check-out. 

The list is paginated to show 10 reservations by default, so the page is fast to load and to respond when filters are applied. 

List details
The list columns are the following:

  • Reservation number: Kigo's reservation ID
  • Booked-on date: shows the date the booking was made
  • Guest name: shows the guest name and last name
    • The phone symbol shows the guest phone and offers the ability to copy it, as to paste it on a dialer and quickly call the guest
    • The email symbol copies the email address, so you can paste into their email system quickly and send an email if needed. The Kigo inbox can also be used to send the guest a message, in this case, there is no need to copy the email address.
  • Check-in and Check-out dates
  • Reservation status: eachs status has a coloured dot before its name to help identify the status in a fast and visual way
  • Payment status: the payment status name appears. If it's unpaid, the text will be red. 
  • Unit name: the name of the unit where the guest is staying
  • Rental Guardian: it shows the Rental Guardian coverage purchase status, if applicable. The status is displayed as a coloured dot before the policy name. 
  • Contract: shows the contract status. 
  • Channel (plug symbol): shows the reservation channel source logo. The Kigo logo shows for Kigo Websites.
Last modified 12/1/2020