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September, 2020 - Important Notice: Improved Airbnb Messaging API  


We have released the functionality to automatically receive the door codes from Operto and send it to Airbnb guests via the Airbnb Messaging API that we have integrated in Kigo Unified Inbox.  


We have also released a new automated messaging system to automatically respond inquiries from Airbnb. 


We will support the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German and French.  

The language of the message is based on the guest preferred language provided by Airbnb. If we don’t support the language, we will use the default language which is English.  




This new feature will simplify your day to day operationscreate a better experience for the guest by having all the communications in one single platform (Airbnb) and help you reach the Airbnb Superhost status, which requires to respond to 90% of new messages within 24 hours and create a better experience for the guest by providing an immediate response to their inquiry. 


You don’t need to do any change to take advantage of the new functionality. Starting today, this change will be applied to all properties in the new Kigo Channel Manager.   


Last modified 11/4/2020