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New Kigo Promotions Section


We are pleased to announce that Kigo has improved the ability for you to set up and manage discounts/promotions. We have created a dedicated section where channel-focused promotions can now be configured, managed and assigned to listings.


The promotions set up in Kigo is extremely intuitive and user friendly and you can both create and assign promotions to the listings of your choice during the period of time of your choice and will be synchronized with channels (now available for only).

In order to create and manage your promotions, you need to access: Manage Configurations > Channels > Promotions:

What type of promotions can you create at Kigo?

You can now create and manage both coupon codes for your website and the promotions offered by

Basic promotion: A promotion that can be defined based on the stay dates of the reservations “only” and without being tied to another parameter (such as the other promotions are).

Early booker promotion: A promotion addressed to guests that book in advance. You will be able to decide how many days in advance (i.e. of this promotion: you offer a promotion to guest that books 50 days (or more) before the check-in).

Last minute promotion: A promotion addressed to guests that book “at the last moment”. How many days before check-in? Again, this is a value you will be able to decide (i.e.: you offer a discount to guests that books up to 7 days (or less) before the check-in).

Mobile rate promotion: A promotion addressed to guests that book through a mobile device and/or application in

Country rate/ Geo rate promotion: A promotion addressed to offer discounts based on where the guest is booking from. “Where the guest is booking from” options are the ones accepts and will be presented to you and chosen by you.


Business booker: A promotion addressed to offer discounts to guests that has identified as Business travelers.

Please visit the related article " Promotions-Validations" below to learn about the validations you need to know about before creating or modifying a promotion for

* will be the one deciding, based on what you defined, if a guest is eligible to have the promotion applied or not.


What value do you get from promotions?

Offering relevant and competitive price will be key when demand picks up again. No matter the moment in history, guest will always look for a competitive price. Special prices, especially for Mobile users and Business guests will be pushed to you, together with Country Rates. With the Promotions API integration, you will be able to set them up. 

These below is the list of benefits that you can get from using promotions:

Get more bookings. Deals appear in search results, so you can attract more visitors to their page, which will bring more reservations.

Increase revenue. A lot of guests initially attracted by the offer often end up booking non-discounted rates for other room/rate types.

Fill rooms year round. You can increase occupancy by targeting dates where they need more bookings.

Stay flexible. Early Bookers and Last Minute Deals allow you to manage occupancy based on their business needs. (You can work on attracting early bookers that are re-adjusting their travel plans by setting an early booker rate and loading availability in advance. On, you can show prices up to 16 months in advance. Also for those bookers who are waiting on how situation progresses to book for their vacations )

Target specific markets. Time the promotion to fit the time zone of the target market (Domestic demand will be the first to pick up once countries start opening up again after lockdown ends. Country rates can help you attract domestic guests)

Stand out from the competition. With Basic Promotions, the property will appear higher in the search results when guests are sorting by price.

Reduce cancellations. Around a third of all bookings at are now made with a mobile device. 40% of all smartphone bookings are last-minute bookings, which have a low cancellation rate.

Last modified 8/6/2020