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July, 2020 Important Notice: Airbnb Standard Fees


Until today, the New Kigo Channel Manager was only sending the cleaning fee separated from the rent. 

Airbnb has released Standard Fees API to be able to receive a more detailed breakdown of the fees, and we have adapted with them.  

A standard fee is either a percentage of the nightly price or a flat amount per reservation. The rest of fees will be packed into the rent. 

In order to streamline the guest experience, Airbnb has decided to not show fees as separate line items to the guest. The fee amounts are included in either the nightly rate or the cleaning fee when shown to guests.  

However, you will now be able to see a detailed breakdown of the fees charged for a reservation. 

We have mapped the fees available in our system to their new fees 

Fee at Kigo 

Fee at Airbnb 

Guest Display 

Resort Fee 

Resort Fee 

Nightly Price 

Destination Fee 

Community Fee 

Nightly Price 

Service Fee 

Management Fee 

Nightly Price 

Linen Fee 

Linen Fee 

Cleaning Fee 

Cleaning Fee 

Cleaning Fee 

Cleaning Fee 


Fees will be sent separately from the rent which will help your properties increase their ranking and perform better at Airbnb. 

Now the linen fee is added to the cleaning fee instead of packing into rent, which will be better categorized in the statement for guests. 


You don’t need to do any change to take advantage of the new functionality. Starting today, this change will be applied to all properties in the new Kigo Channel Manager. 

Last modified 7/17/2020