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Apartment Ocean installation steps


Installing Apartment Ocean on Kigo Websites is a simple process. There are two steps in order to do it: 1.) first we need to copy the Apartment Ocean script and then 2.) paste the script to the footer scripts section of Kigo Websites. Detailed installation instructions are below.


1.) Getting the Apartment Ocean script

a.) Chatbot Install

-         Log in to your Apartment Ocean account, hover over the left sidebar menu and click on “Chatbot Install”.



b.) Copy the Apartment Ocean script (code snippet)

-         Once you are in the “Chatbot Install” section, click “Copy” (as seen in the picture).



2.) Installing Apartment Ocean on Kigo Websites


a.) Kigo Settings

-         Log in to your Kigo Website administrator account.

-         On the left sidebar menu, find “Kigo Settings” and click on it.





b.) Advanced Settings

-          Once you clicked on “Kigo Settings”, the sidebar menu will expand (as seen in the picture). Click on the “Advanced” option.












c.) Paste the Apartment Ocean script

-          In the footer scripts section, paste the Apartment Ocean script and click “Save”.


Please find attached the user manual.

Last modified 11/30/2020
Command_Center Apartment Ocean pdf.pdf