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NEW! Report a cancellation due to no show to


Reservations can end up in the guest not showing up. In Kigo we have developed this functionality to help you report this situation to will charge you a commission only for the amounts that the guest actually paid. This is why it's important to send to the following info:

  • That the booking is cancelled because it's a no show
  • That the amounts are:
    • Fully refunded (in this case will not charge anything) or 
    • Partially refunded (in this case will charge their commission only from the amounts charged to the guest)

Step-by-step guide

In order to mark a booking as cancelled due to no-show:

  1. Access reservation
  2. Booking section > ellipsis menu > Cancel booking
    1. Cancellation reason > select No Show with Refund (if all amounts are going to be refunded) or No Show without Refund (if no refund for taken payments are going to be done)
    2. Click on Cancel Booking
  3. The system will display a message confirming that the booking has been cancelled
  4. The cancellation will be automatically synced with, that will adjust their fees accordingly
Last modified 3/6/2020