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NEW! Report an invalid credit card to


When you are charging guest cards from, it might happen that they cannot be charged for a number of reasons. Kigo has developed a new integration with that allow you to mark invalid cards in Kigo so they are automatically reported to

In order to mark a card as invalid yo uneed to:

  1. Access the reservation page

  2. Card on file section > click ellipsis > Mark As Invalid card

  3. A validation pop-up will open > click on Mark as Invalid button

  4. The card has been marked as invalid. This is automatically synced with, so they will request the guest a new card. 

    1. The system will show a message stating that the card has been marked as invalid

    2. An activity is logged in the "Activity" tab, so that you know the date and time when the card was marked as invalid (this information is relevant in order to cancel the booking with no penalty from in case you need to) 

    3. A booking event is created and displayed in the reservation stating that the CC has been marked as invalid

What happens when a card has been marked as invalid?
1. Kigo sends this information to
2. requests a new card to the guest
Option 1: the guest updates or funds the card
3. The card is automatically received in Kigo
4. Kigo triggers the card charge
4a. Payment works: great! you have a new accepted reservation in your calendar and confirmed revenue for your business
4b. Payment fails: you can review the reasons and request a new card or consider cancelling the reservation (see our article Report a cancellation due to invalid card to

Option 2: the guest doesn't update the card
3. You might consider cancelling this reservation. You can take this action from Kigo, please read the article: Report a cancellation due to invalid card to

Last modified 12/15/2020