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Airbnb Integration Guide


Required Setup: To complete the Airbnb integration in Kigo, you must be assigned one of the following roles: General Manager, Marketing Manager, or a Custom role that includes the Solution permission. You must request a connection in Kigo Channel manager under the All Channels section prior to requesting an Airbnb connection with these procedures.

About the Kigo Airbnb Integration Guide

The attached guides provide all of the steps you must complete to integrate your Kigo account with Airbnb. In addition, they provide you with an overview of the Airbnb system and functionality. The guides explain how to initiate the integration and work with your Kigo Client Success Manager for a successful properties submission. The attached file includes the following:

  • Kigo-Airbnb Connection Procedures, incl NEW Onboarding Flow
  • Conversion Best Practices
  • Airbnb Reviews Transfer Mapping File and Guide
  • Airbnb Global Market Managers Contacts

The Airbnb connection is set up with your Kigo Client Success Manager´s assistance.

The properties are subject to Airbnb's approval. There are some cities and areas for which Airbnb is requiring touristic licenses or is not currently accepting properties. Your Client Success Manager will inform you beforehand if any of your properties fall into these categories. In your individual/current account, you may have properties that are rejected by Airbnb due to area market restrictions now. This is beyond our control and up to Airbnb's discretion. If you have any questions in this regard, you may contact the Airbnb team at

For any questions you might have in regards to Airbnb functionalities, please do check their Help Center that has extensive Q&A. 

Regarding Local tax & Additional Fees charging, please contact your Airbnb Market Manager.


These guides are intended for the benefit of your business and may include observations regarding the perceived practices or procedures of third parties. We do not represent such third parties and you are encouraged to contact them with any questions relating to their practices or procedures. 

Click on the blue clip symbol below to download the guide.

Last modified 7/2/2020
Kigo Airbnb - Pro Integration Guide May 2020.pdf