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Announcing the new Kigo Inbox

On October 22nd 2019, we will be releasing our new and improved Inbox! 

So what EXACTLY does all this mean for you? A new and improved messaging system! 

For our initial release, this feature is designed to group communications that come in via the Guest Experience and make them easier to manage.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the exciting new aspects:


The first and most obvious thing you’ll notice about the new Inbox is the upgraded design.


List View



Message View







As you can see above, we now have 4 buckets for messages as well as a brand new section for leads.

  • Inbox - This is where all incoming messages from a booking are stored. Unread messages can be recognized by their bold lettering and vertical blue bar

  • Sent - This is where all of the outgoing messages for a booking are stored (i.e. if the property manager or an employee was the last party to send a message it’ll show here).

  • Flagged - Any message that you decide to flag will appear in this bucket. Flagged message threads will also still appear in their original buckets. Flagged messages can be distinguished in other buckets by the distinctive red flag at the right of the page

  • Archived - Property managers will also be able to archive message threads in order to keep their active messages at the forefront. If a message is flagged when it is archived, it will disappear from the flagged bucket, but automatically reappear if the thread is ever unarchived.

  • Leads (Under Construction) - This section will not be utilized at this time. We will communicate additional info as soon as it is available!




This is the initial view of the Inbox that you will see upon navigating to the page. From this view you’ll be able to perform a variety of bulk functions.


  • Flag – Allows you to flag several message threads at a time.
  • Archive – Let’s you archive swathes of messages simultaneously.
  • Mark as Unread – This particular option marks them all unread (indicator included).


You can also perform many of these actions individually on the right hand side of the thread, without having to use the checkboxes and dropdown.



And last but not least, you’ll also be able to see the booking source in the same area.



Once you click into a thread, the message view will slide out. On the left hand side you’ll see the same functions that were present in the list view:


The flag and archive functions are present, as well as the ability to view the attachments in this thread. The leftward pointing arrow takes you back to the list view.


The top half of this view contains pertinent reservation information that you can reference during your exchanges with the guest.



  • Reservation – Shows the reservation ID. Clicking on the ID opens a new tab that takes you directly to the booking in question should you need to reference information inside of it (e.g. statement line item information).

  • Unit Name – The name of the unit.

  • LOS Information – Displays the check-in date, length of stay, and check-out date.

  • Guest Details – Shows the name of the primary renter, their phone number, and the number of people staying.

  • Reservation Details – Contains a list of common reservation requirements as well as the channel origin of the booking.

  • Photo – To provide a visual queue in case the unit name isn’t ringing a bell.


And finally we come to the message portion of the aptly named message view!



From here you’ll be able to see the last few messages that have come in and be able to scroll to see the rest. At the bottom you can add an attachment before sending a message, and also configure it so that the “enter” key sends it.

In addition, you’ll see from this sample conversation that different employees can respond within the same thread!



Please Note, the ability to add a task and receive notice of a new message via email are currently being worked on and will appear in subsequent releases. 

Last modified 10/23/2019